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Select the right tube – fast and easy

Stop counting rows and columns: visual indication points the user directly to the right tube!

Small and Flexible

The Tube Finder is a manual tube finding device that automatically highlights the right tube. This can be very helpful in many occasions and applications where manual counting is a tedious task but a fully automatic robot is not realistic or too expensive.

Avoid human error

Repetitive work is prone to human error. Selecting tubes from a matrix is a simple task, but requires attention to avoid mis-counting. Therefore, tube selection can be quite demanding.

This small device helps the lab workers to select the right tube without counting, hence increasing their effectiveness and eliminating a small but impactful factor of possible error.


After scanning a barcode, the corresponding tube is highlighted. This provides a very intuitive way of working for the user.

The device is powered and connected to any system (PC) through a single USB cable.

Tube sorter

Connect two tube finders together to create a simple tube sorter. With a tube-pen, pick the correct tubes from one rack, and place them directly in the correct position on the other rack.

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