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Balkema Seed Counter

Count within 2 seconds

Load the seeds on the tray and press the button. Within 2 seconds the total amount will appear on the screen.


The Balkema Seed Counter is a standalone device. If you want to transfer the counted amount to your PC, mac or Linux system you need only to plug in the USB cable. No software installation is necessary. The counted number will appear wherever your cursor is. If needed, we will provide you with a complete ‘scan – count – print’ workflow solution.

Precision > 99.5%

Our sophisticated algorithms make sure that your count is always close to perfect. Time after time.

Small footprint

Because of its small footprint, the Balkema Seed Counter fits on every normal desk. The dimensions of 31 x 37 x 60 (width x depth x height) would even make mobile application feasible.

TKW estimation

In combination with a scale, the counter is able to directly calculate the thousand kernel weight and estimate the full amount of a complete bag.


Our algorithm is able to count almost all crops: Maize, Bean, Sunflower, Tomato, Pepper, Cucumber, Brassica, Cereals, etc. We even count potato seeds on wet filter paper. If you are not sure we will be able to count your crop, please contact us. We’re happy to test it out – and develop a new step to our algorithm when needed.

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